Potty Pals® Potty Training System

Say “bye-bye” to diapers and “hello” to Potty Pals! Potty training can be a challenging chapter in your child’s life. With our interactive, lovable Pals, colorfully illustrated book and training chart complete with stickers, we’ve made learning easy and fun. When nature calls, grab your Pal and ‘go’!


Potty Pals Potty Training Book, Stickers and Toy
  • "We like Potty Pals a lot! They are really great for our kids who are potty training in our two-year-old class. The song is really fun and the kids enjoy getting to press the paw after they have gone potty or tried the potty. We use the sticker charts for all of our kids and we read the Potty Pals Club book during circle time. The kids especially like Larry Lion!" 

    Megan T., Assistant Director, The Goddard School – Scottsdale
  • PP-testimonial"Potty Pals was the answer to our daughter's year long anxiety about pooping in the potty. Within one week of having Katie Kitty, she is proudly pooping in the potty everyday. She loves to hear Katie Kitty sing! We can't wait to use Potty Pals next with our one year old!"

    Kristen G., North Carolina
  • Doctor“After 15 years in pediatrics, I have learned the key to potty training is positive reinforcement and having fun. Potty Pals is perfect for both!”  
    Desert Valley Pediatrics

    Dr. Christopher Spiekerman
  • 2014BidwillMichael“Not only has Mike Leach been one of our team’s most dependable on-field performers but he and Julie have been just as consistent in their tireless commitment to our community. I know the passion and energy they have devoted to this project and we are all thrilled to see the launch of Potty Pals. Families and our community will benefit from their successful efforts.”

    Michael Bidwill, Arizona Cardinals President
  • "I purchased Potty Pals for my grandson. He loved using it. The program was great and definitely sped up potty training. Thank you for Potty Pals."

    Cindy M., New Hampshire
  • "We tried on several occasions to potty train our daughter but she had no interest in beginning the process. Katie Kitty and the Potty Pals system gave her the motivation to begin potty training by making it extremely interactive, rewarding and most of all FUN! I highly recommend Potty Pals to any parent. It made our potty training experience very enjoyable." 

    Katie K., Illinois
  • "Larry Lion has made the potty training process so much fun! Our son loves singing and dancing along with Larry and is so proud of himself for joining the Potty Pals Club! Watch out Mom and Dad, that jingle is catchy and you will be humming it all day. :)"

    Kristin S., Arizona
  • "We like Potty Pals because we have seen that they have really helped our students want to try the potty.”




    Angie H., Teacher, The Goddard School – Scottsdale


The Potty Pals® are here to help toddlers learn how to use the potty in a fun, new way!

Potty Training System

Learn about potty time with the Potty Pals® Club book!

Potty Training Sticker Chart

Add fun stickers to your Potty Progress Sheet!

Quick Potty Training

Sing & dance along with your Potty Pal!


  • Interactive Potty Pal sings & dances
  • Milestone process keeps track of progress
  • A great way to bond with your child

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